Why TriPO

Cycling power meter TriPO best features are …

Why you’ll want to have it? Because its price, compatibility, accuracy, portability, weight, efficiency. 

TriPO is its compatible with all ANT+ and Bluetooth devices.

ant+TriPO is fully compatible with all  ANT+ or Bluetooth devices. That means that you can sync your TriPO with your mobile phone or cycling computer that are ANT+ compatible. So you could easily use gps and all power and HR outputs on one device.

Shortly we will upload a video that will show compatibility with different devices and even Android/IOS apps.

Accuracy of TriPO is the feature that we have put most of our developing time

After 3 years of failed attempts, we finally came to the result that we wanted at the start. With our Knof project we managed to cut down the cost and seriously improve accuracy of TriPO.

We tested TriPO with power meters Stages, Quarq, iBike, SRM, Pioneer. (we will post the full report shortly)

Portability of power meters is still one of the most desirable features among cyclists

The fact is that all nowdays cycling power meters can be used on only one bike. Frequently the problem occurs when you have more than just one bike. The arsenal of a more serious amateur cyclist consists from one road bike, TT bike and even MTB. But usually they use one pair of cycling shoes. Because TriPO is located under your cycling shoes there won’t be any problem to use it on multiple bikes. And ANT+/Bluetooth compatibility provides that you can use it on different devices. Even if they use winter cycling shoes, they could easily change TriPO to the other pair for the winter.  With that we are confident that we’ve made first fully compatible cycling power meter.

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