About TriPO

Because Damogran Labs is all about into new technical solutions and creating affordable high-end products that can be sold to masses, our showpiece is cycling power meter called TriPO.

What does TriPO stand for?

Damogran Labs is a geeky group of people, so therefore the name TriPO is a playful word game starting from phrase:

I sense a disturbance in the Force.
You always sense a disturbance in the Force. But yeah—I sense it too.
Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn

TriPO slogan comes from the same bases.

Don’t sense disturbance in the force!

The name itself has a deeper meaning to. TriPO stand for:

Three power Os.

What actually is TriPO?

Like presented before our main goal of all projects is to create affordable high-end products that can be sold to masses.

Because we are all cycling enthusiasts we wondered how can we get our hands on true cycling power meter. Cycling power meter became a must among cyclists for training and competitive purposes. But that was basically impossible. Often the main problem is that all cycling power meters are very expensive. Price range is from 850€ (1200$) to well over 4000€ (4500$).

So we went on a journey to make our own high end cycling power meter that can be comparable to other high end power meters where the only difference would be price.

After a 2 years of false attempts, we finally came to the result that we wanted at the start. With our Knof projects we managed to cut down the cost and seriously improve accuracy of TriPO.

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